I couldn’t be more grateful to have Palm Springs Sober Life as a part of my life. I relocated to the area from the other side of the country to get a fresh start as part of my recovery program. Without the services Palm Springs Sober Life has to offer, I’m unsure where I would have wound up. Palm Springs Sober Life is a vital part of my recovery and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

M. Chinn, Current Resident, March 2020

Palm Springs Sober Life provided me with the many tools I needed to stay sober, but the gift I cherish the most is the connection to my spiritual self. I also valued the location. Seeing the birds and the awesome landscaping of the grounds with the forever changing majestic views of the San Jacinto Mountains, made me feel as if I could just reach out and touch them.

– Quincy D, Former Resident, August, 2018

Palm Springs Sober Life provides a healthy and safe environment for the addict and alcoholic. The counselors utilize their personal backgrounds and experience to provide both spiritual and professional guidance. Tom, the gentleman who runs the program has over 30 years experience in dealing with addiction issues. He and his program can change your life.

– Greg M., Attorney, Aug. 2015

I came to Palm Springs Sober Life several years ago after I was released from prison. Since then I have over four years of sobriety under my belt and have gone on to create a successful career in the recovery industry. Palm Springs Sober Life has a lot to do with the person I am today.

– Devin M, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, July 2016

After many failed attempts over the years I was never able to find the support and structure to build a healthy life for myself until I came to Palm Springs Sober Life. Today I can say my experience there played a tremendous part in my sobriety and helped me build a successful, joyous life.

Ryan B., Financial Planner, Feb. 2018

I now have almost 3 years of sobriety after Tom helped me reclaim my life from alcohol addiction. I am now honest with myself and others and am living a life I thought was gone forever. Palm Springs Sober Life also helped my son overcome his battle with addiction, so our whole family is grateful for the program. Thank you Tom for caring, for holding me accountable and for believing in me.

Billy B., Contractor, Jul. 2016

Tom was always available to talk with me in times of hardship and offered me advice that has allowed me to become a self sufficient man and to become successful in my career helping other addicts achieve recovery.

– Kale Hardwick, CADTP Certified Counselor

We’re confident that Palm Springs Sober Life will become a staple of your recovery program. Please contact us to receive more information about our program.